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Our mission statement is to facilitate the entry of your company into Panama with the highest level of service and ease.

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Our Services

We walk you through the entire process hand in hand. WG Consulting will guide you with essential information about Panama while offering comprehensive support and tailor-made solutions to enable smooth integration and adaptation into Panama.

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Complete support in the process of arrival and adaptation of foreign companies in Latin America.

Identification of business opportunities in Latin America.

Comprehensive coordination of exploratory missions to any country in Latin America

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Development of a Strategic Communication Plan adapted to Latin America

Trainings with experts (virtual or face-to-face) on business in the Latin America * Specific topics apply

Local representation in Latin America. Legal advice in different topics (migration, company registration, taxes, housing, etc.)

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Let us guide and accompany you throughout a trouble-free process of adaptation in Latina America. Our mission is to aid your dreams of expanding your company seamlessly into this exciting and opportunity rich region.

Nicole Wong


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